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Christmas Crackers!

The ‘Christmas Crazies’ have arrived!

December has snuck up on us all (once again) and the next time we blink; it’ll be Christmas Day! With that in mind, it’s not surprising we are all starting to feel the toll of the end of year crashing down on us – a million things to do, people to see, a messy sleeping schedule and a whole years’ worth of stress and planning trying to come together!

Stress is a normal response our body produces, but when the stress level is higher than our body’s coping ability it can affect us in many ways, including:

• Disrupted sleep
• Headaches
• Muscle tension
• Low energy
• Low immunity

It is especially important to remember the toll stress can take on our bodies in these busier times and make sure we still take care of our bodies to get the most out of each day! Are you one of those people who get sich the day after boxing day, fall into a heap and need to lock yourself away to new years? Then my Top 5 Tips to help get the most out of the silly season are for you!

1. Keep your body moving – Try to keep up your regular exercise routine, even just make sure you get out for a walk each day! By staying physically active our body is able release endorphins, our happy hormone, which assists boosting circulation & can help muscles relax.

2. Hydration – With warmer weather (hopefully) and being busier we need to top up our usual hydration habits to keep us going. Hydration is vital for our body to be able to function efficiently and effectively, with 60% of our body being water-based!

3. Write a list and check it twice – Being organised will help keep any last-minute rushes to the shops at bay and also give you time to enjoy some time with family in the process. By keeping track of what you need to do, or what you have already completed it will help ease your worries of forgetting something or running around like a headless chicken remembering what to do next!

4. Prioritise your social events – You don’t have to see every contact on your phone in December just because it’s Christmas. Make smart choices about the number of social outings you are trying to fit in, It’s okay to make time in January to catch up with people too (the weather will probably be better anyway!)

5. Breathe – Remember to take a step back, take a deep breath & enjoy the festivities around you! No one expects you to have every inch of your house clean, or 5 Star meals, they’re just all happy to be together celebrating. If you are finding yourself caught up in jobs & errands, take a step back and trial some deep breathing. Try to take 5 seconds to breathe in through your nose, hold for 3 seconds, and slowly breathe out for 5 seconds. Repeat 4-5 times. By resetting your breathing cycle you’ll sync back in with your body & help clear your mind! (very helpful in bed to switch off after a long day too!)

If you are finding that your body isn’t feeling its best, you’re feeling run down or you need a helping hand make sure you take the time to make an appointment with one of our friendly team members. We’re even open on Chrismas eve and altered hours on non-public holidays through to new years eve. Have a wonderful sill season!