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Myotherapy for the Mind

by | May 23, 2019

Do you suffer from tight, tense shoulders and neck? Do you seem to get headaches all the time? If you answered YES, here is some food for thought.

In my experience, I find that neck and shoulder tension and headaches, that seem to come out of the blue, can often be stress related. If you take a moment to think back on what your last month has been like, has there been work deadlines to meet? Family illness? An accident perhaps? All of these things may be part and parcel with the hustling, bustling lives we now live but have you stopped how they may be effecting your body and muscles? 

SO, is your pain coming from stress? This is something I think about both during your case history and also when I treat. Like most systemic, or whole body illnesses, stress can be related to other symptoms such as respiratory distress, cardiovascular illness, digestive and even reproductive system troubles. But, did you know stress can also impact the musculoskeletal system?

The body’s natural response to stress is to tense and tighten your muscles to help prevent harm or injury. This is not a bad thing in the case of acute or short term stress. Often it means that you can run away form that viscous dog chasing you, swap numbers with someone after a car accident and make that tough work deadline. It primes you and makes you read to go! Unfortunately and way to often, most cases of stress that I see are chronic stress. This means that the thing that is

leading to your stress is hanging around or that you haven’t found balance again after the initial incident. Chronic stress can cause the muscles to remain tensed, leading to muscular dysfunction, weakness, pain and discomfort. This often relates to headaches, migraines, neck, back and/or shoulder pain. Yuk!

This is where I come in!

Myotherapy involves the manual work of the musculoskeletal system which helps to promote blood flow, and increase healing physically but also psychologically. I’ve seen it have an amazing effect on improving your general wellbeing and mindset. Myotherapy is extremely beneficial for those leading a stressful or busy lifestyle. It encourages your muscles to relax, allowing your mindset to rest and improve your prospect on life. You can now breathe a sigh of relief!

If you would like to know more about how a Myotherapist can destress you and improve your general wellbeing or you feel this is something you need in your life, give the Bellarine Sports Medicine Centre (03 5251 5724) a call and see one of our Myotherapists today.