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Take control of your 8-week challenge! 

by | Oct 24, 2019

While an 8-week challenge can often kick start our summer training, it can also spell the end for many with injuries taking their toll. So, what can we do to reduce our chance of injury and get in summer shape? Podiatrist, Andrew Graham, explains…

With many 8 week challenges only around the corner, here are my top 4 tips to stay injury-free this training season! 

  • Update runners!

This one is a big one. Don’t dust off the old pair that are falling apart, get yourself into the right training shoe for you. While some may argue that training bare feet or in a minimalist shoe will increase strength and stability, it’s difficult to begin training in that manner without a baseline of strength. For that reason, most will need a supportive shoe suited to them. Check out Active Feet in Ocean Grove (3/85 The Terrace) who have a big selection of runners and expert knowledge. Alternatively, ask your podiatrist what they can recommend

  • Don’t push through that niggle!

While we all want to get the best results from training, we can’t get those results if we’re injured. Listen to your body, if it doesn’t feel right, come get it checked out. At Pro Feet Podiatry, we often see the bad side of injuries. Most of them are more manageable and have better responses if treated early.

  • Foam rolling is your friend, not your enemy

There have been a few myths out there that foam rolling isn’t a good way to prepare for exercise. This is simply not true. Foam rolling certainly has its benefits, by increasing mobility and reducing the likelihood of injury. Think of foam rolling as a cheap, convenient and effective form of massage. However, foam rolling isn’t the only thing to add to your warm-up routine to keep you injury-free!

  • Nail the warm-up

We can often find ourselves pretty time-poor these days, which can result in us skipping our warm-ups. However, I’m here to remind you of just how important they can be. Warm-ups are crucial in helping us reduce the chances of sustaining a preventable injury as well as maximising our performance while training.

So, what should my warm-up consist of? 

  • Foam rolling to release tight muscles
  • Gentle restorative stretching e.g. adductors, glutes
  • Targeted muscle activation e.g squats, glute bridges
  • Movement e.g strides

If you, or anyone you may know, have any questions, please feel free to email me on the address below. Alternatively, make an appointment with myself or any of our team members on 1300 945 789 or book online.