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Tis’ the time for travel.

For those lovely community members, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, here’s a tidbit about me: I LOVE Christmas! This year has flown by and Christmas is now only 30 days away! I love Christmas as there is a no better reason to spend time with family and friends, laugh, smile and reflect on the year that’s been.

It’s also a great time to head away, whilst most businesses take time off too. I’ve just been away and I have had a number of clients do the same. Some stroll back in relaxed and refreshed. Others limp in sore from plane trips or increased walking and uncomfortable beds.

Are you camping over the Christmas/New Years break? Heading overseas? Staying with relatives?

Here are my top 5 tips to keep your body moving whilst you enjoy the silly season.

  1. Pack your own pillow!
    • Do as I say; not as I do. I forgot to pack my travel pillow for my Japan trip. Regret! I was able to work through but you don’t want it dampening your holiday!
    • This is especially important for those who have more current or ongoing neck troubles.
    • Chat to our team about where to get a good travel pillow for you!
  2. Appropriate footwear.
    • If you’re doing lots of walking, wear the right shoes! I walked over 100km whilst I was away and my Frankie4’s, fitted by the Profeet team, were lifesavers.
    • Even if you’re flopping around by the pool and then heading to dinner, changing your footwear or taking a spare pair with you might be the thing that enables you to enjoy the view.
    • Our team of podiatrists will be able to advise the right fit for your holiday movements.
  3. Take your homework with you.
    • Have you been given exercises by one of the team? Take them with you!
    • Theraband and a spikey ball don’t take up much room and may help keep you active on your trip.
    • Need other equipment for your exercises? Have a chat with your practitioner about how you could transform your program into a hotel room or tent workout.
  4. Hydration Station.
    • Are you working on your water intake habits? It’s important to keep this up whilst you’re away to avoid the headaches, muscle fatigue and soreness when you’re not functioning at your best. (If no and your water intake is minimal we need to have a chat!)
    • Take a drink bottle with you! If you’re travelling somewhere where the drinking water is good, take a bottle and fill it up!
    • If you’re camping or travelling where the water may be questionable bring or buy the biggest bottles/containers you can and fill yours from there, saving on waste.
  5. Rest your head and weary feet.
    • Allocating ‘nothing’ days or rest stops are important. Whether it’s a day by the pool or in the hotel room or a day away from your family to recharge, take these days to reset.
    • If you’re tired or fatigued, you’re more likely to injure yourself.
    • It may also help to not get under each other skin too!

I hope these have got you thinking about how to stay active, healthy and happy whilst you travel over the silly season.

For all of that staying put, the clinic will be open with altered hours over the break and closed the main days. To check what hours your practitioner will be available, have a look online or give them a buzz.

I’ll be off from Christmas day, back working on the 30th and 31st and be back normal hours from 2nd of January 2020.

Have a great Christmas, New years and travel safe!